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Recent changes in the way HUD markets HUD Homes have buyers and selling brokers/agents scratching their heads with many questions.  As a HUD approved listing broker, eList Realty is required to offer training to answer your questions and assure that your HUD Home buying and selling experience goes as smooth as possible. 
On this page, you will find HUD Homes info specific to buyers and selling brokers/agents - scroll down to your area of interest.  Many of your questions will be answered here, however, for those of you who need additional information, we offer FREE HUD Training in several formats for your convenience...  1) Monthly class at our office or other facility;  2) 1 on 1 training via telephone;  3)  Webinars
To register for one of our monthly classes/webinars or to schedule a 1 on 1 training via telephone, please send us an email with your Name, Company Name (if applicable), Address, Phone Number, Email Address, License Number (if applicable) and training format preference (we will reply to schedule your training)... 

In Texas send to:,  In Colorado send to:,

In Florida send to:
Important Updates and Buyer Agents Info
  Per HUD's directive, the Field Service Managers (FSMs) will be changing key codes which will be specific to each state. In order to cut down on vandalism, these key codes will be changing every 6 months.  If you have a set of HUD keys, they may not work - be sure to contact the listing agent for combo code before showing.
  Buyer's Agents must accompany and provide access each time an inspector, contractor, buyer, or non-FHA appraiser accesses the property.  Buyer's Agents are responsible for ensuring the property is secure after each inspection.  Listing Agents are not allowed to provide key codes or lockbox codes to inspectors, contractors, buyers, or non-FHA appraisers.  Licensed FHA Appraisers are allowed to have the lockbox codes to complete appraisals.
  All additional funds to close required from the borrower must be verified and documented for any over-bid amount of the appraised value (initial list price), as well as the borrower paid closing costs associated with the purchase.  These costs may not be financed.  Again, the total loan amount including UFMIP is limited to no more than 100% of appraised value.  Buyer will have to pay the overage at closing on all over list/appraisal bids (applicable to FHA financing).
HUD Homes Search / Bid
All HUD Homes are now posted for sale on  Prospective buyers must use a HUD registered broker/agent to "bid" on a HUD Home.  The bid that results in the highest "NET" proceeds to HUD will be the successful bidder.  There are specific bidding periods for various types of buyers (see the property details page for the bidding periods and deadlines).

Anyone can search for HUD Homes and check bid timelines without registering.  However, registration is required for buyers to save their searches, and for selling brokers/agents to submit bids for their clients.
Bid Status
How can I see the status of bids for the property I made an offer on?

Once you've logged in, you can click on Bidder Functions on the top right of your screen and review your bids. You will not be able to view bids other than those you have entered yourself.
What are the different bid statuses?
AC: Accepted - The AM has ACCEPTED your bid. Please ensure that all documentation is in order and has been sent to the AM for review. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in your bid being canceled.
CA: Canceled - Your bid was canceled by the AM.
OBC: Other Bid under Contract - Your bid was NOT selected. The AM entered into a Sales Contract on another bid. If you elected your bid to be a backup, your bid will be saved for future consideration in case the contract gets canceled.
OBS: Other Bid Selected - This bid has NOT been selected. The AM has a preliminary contract acceptance from a different bidder for this property. If you elected your bid to be a backup, your bid will be saved for future consideration.
PR: Pending Review - Your sealed bid is Pending Review and is not currently available to the AM. You cannot modify or withdraw this bid. Bids from a previous bid-opening date are still under review. The AM does not have any additional information at this time.
SB: Sealed Bid - Your bid is sealed and is not available to the AM. You can modify or withdraw the bid.
UR: Under Review - The AM is currently reviewing your bid and others from this bid-opening date.
WI: Withdrawn - You withdrew your bid from consideration before the AM reviewed the bid.
HUD Training Links

Many questions can be answered by following these links to HUD Homes info...
  HUD Homestore FAQs:  Here you will find answers to many of the common questions that buyers and brokers/agent have about the HUD Homes buying and selling process. Videos:  Click the links below to watch videos on how to use the site...
Resetting a Password and Forgot your Password
Forgot Your User Name
Registering a Principal Broker
Registering a Selling Agent or Associate Broker
Entering a Bid for a Property
Broker Login and Checking Bids
Modifying and Withdrawing Bids
  How To Buy A HUD Home:  Details on the bidding/buying process for buyers and selling brokers/agents.
  Buying HUD Homes:  General info about the HUD Home buying process.
  Selling HUD Homes:  General info about the HUD Home selling process.
  GNND Program (Good Neighbor Next Door):  Program details for Law Enforcement, Teachers, Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technicians buyers and selling brokers/agents.  NOTE:  HUD will not pay a selling broker/agent commission on a GNND transaction.  Commission must be paid by buyer (may be rolled into financing if FHA loan).
  HUD Homes Asset Manager:  Sage Acquisitions.  For additional HUD Homes info, please visit

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